Total debt load...

Monday, April 14, 2014

Annual loan payment made...

Yay!  I've made my 7th of 10 annual loan payments to my parents.  Woohoo!  Only 3 more payments left.  While it's hard to take that money out of my savings each April to make my loan payment, it feels so good to see the balance to them drastically reduce.  I've set up my direct deposit from work to put this money away throughout the year so that I can always have the money there when the payment is due, but it'll be so nice in 3 more years to not have to deplete the savings to make the payment.  I've also recently sold several items on eBay and have made a fair amount, not to mention cleaning out clutter.  Love that feeling! 

Other than that, not too much going on around here, just enjoying the nicer weather we are starting to have.  It's great to finally be able to turn the heat down and know I'm saving money there too.  I hope you're all having a fabulous spring and enjoying the weather. 

Current debt:  $227.772.32  (YAY!  Well under $230K!!) 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

1st quarter of 2014 is almost complete...

WOW!  Where has the first quarter of the year gone?  Time certainly does fly! And it goes quicker and quicker as the years go by.  So far this year I've managed to get my savings built up to with the amount needed to make my annual loan payment to my parents at the end of April.  YAY!  And it's earlier than I thought I'd have it.  I'm working on getting the savings account built up with a cushion and then getting back to plowing through the existing debt.  For the month of April, I am putting myself on a spending hiatus for anything unnecessary and using up things I have around here prior to buying more.  I currently have a credit card balance of about $500 that I acquired by spending unnecessarily and I'm going to ban myself from doing that for the month of April.   Should be an interesting month, it'll be great to see how it goes.  I've sold a few things I had around the house that I didn't need or want and I feel good about clearing stuff out and making some money on these things.  I know there is a lot more that I can list on eBay and sell, I just need to get motivated to do it. 

I've been in a relationship with a guy I met through for about 3 months now and things are going SO well.  I really had given up hope of meeting someone and this guy has totally proven me wrong, there are some great ones still out there. He has custody of his 2 teenage kids and so we've not been able to spend much time together other than weekends until now, but in a couple weeks they will be going to spend their spring break with their mom and we're looking forward to spending a lot of time together during that time.  We seem to be on the same page in regards to religion, finances and politics and we have similar sense of humors and really enjoy our time together.  I think we've both been surprised by how great a match we seem to be and how well things are going.  It's fun and exciting to see where this goes. 

That's about all that I have to report for now. I hope you're all having a great start to spring.  I know I am. :) 

Current debt:  $230,352.66  (looking forward to this dropping a fair amount next month with my loan payment to my parents.) 

Friday, March 14, 2014

That was a long 2 weeks....

from the last payday until today, but I made it.  I did have to pull out the credit card a couple of times for small expenses, but all in all, not too bad.  I didn't have to buy groceries, I had plenty on hand to get me through.  It's a good feeling to know that when push comes to shove, I can make it through on very little cash if need be.  In fact, my pantry hardly has a dent in it.  I'm sure I could go for quite awhile still without having to shop other than for perishables and even then, I have a lot of that in my freezer, so I could get by, it might just get a little boring with meals.  Weighing it out though, I think I'd prefer boring meals to putting myself further in debt.  Anyway, not too much else going on here, just wanted to check in.

Current debt:  $230,390.56 (this is SO CLOSE to being under $230K!!) 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Bringing in some extra money...

As I've said before, I am working really hard to get my debt paid off as quickly as possible, with maybe the exception of my mortgage. And the reason I say possibly the exception of my mortgage is that I'm not sure how long I want to stay here.  Once my car loan and the loan to my parents are paid off, I'll be continuing to pay my mortgage, but not at an accelerated rate the way I had thought.  I think I'll re-evaluate as I get closer to having the other debts paid off and see where I'm at.  Anyway, this is to say that I'm working on listing items for sale on eBay again and it feels great to clean things out and make some money while doing so.  I've also listed some items for my sister in law that she pays me a commission to sell for her.  Woohoo!  All extra money goes to debts.  Things are still really tight this week, until Friday when it's finally payday again.  Other than that, not too much going on, just plugging away and waiting for spring!! 

Current debt total:  $230,658.88 (this should look much better on Saturday after payments hit this coming Friday!) 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Things are going to be tight....

for the next 2 weeks.  Tomorrow is payday and my mortgage payment is also due.  I didn't have any overtime on this paycheck therefore it's going to be a little tight in the next couple weeks.  I guess this is when I am happy that I do a lot of shopping and stocking up when things are on sale and I have a great stockpile of food.  This weekend is my birthday, so I don't think I'll be spending much money and I think the next 2 weeks should be fairly inexpensive, all my bills are paid up to date and I have enough food to last me through. 

What do you do when funds get a little tight?  Do you pull out your credit card or do you try to make it by without using the card or dipping in to savings?  I'm trying to get through with spending as little as possible.  I think I'll be able to do it, the only really expense I might have will be gas for my car.  Otherwise, things are looking good. 

Current debt:  $230,950.28  (looking forward to more progress in March!) 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Almost March and my spending is in check...

I can't believe that it is almost March already, where have the first 2 months of the year gone?  I'm doing really well having as many No Spend Days as possible, trying to keep it to at least 50% each month. January I had 17 and so far for February I've had 14.  Yay for small successes.  :) 

I've brought my debt total to under $231,000, but just barely.  I don't think I'll have much opportunity to reduce it anymore in the next 3 days, but if I can squeeze any additional payments in, I will.  At least I've got all my bills paid for the month and was able to make more payments to debt than I thought I would.  My birthday is coming up at the end of the week as well, so hopefully I will be able to use some birthday funds to put toward debt reduction. 

Not much to report really from here, but since I'd made a bit more progress, I thought I'd post about it. 

Current debt total:  $230,976.30  (slowly getting there...)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A breakdown of debts...

I was asked in a previous post what the breakdown of my debts are to bring that grand total up so high...well, here you go! 

Loan to parents:    $8,000.00  (soon to be $6,000)
Car Loan:            $27,509.47
Mortgage:         $195,496.40

Bringing the grand total up to $231,005.87!  OUCH!  As you can see, most of it is the mortgage which is a long term loan and the others should be paid off in the next couple years.  I'm hoping to pay off the loan to my folks within the next 3 years tops.  The car, I just keep throwing any and all extra money to it to get that one taken care of.  Otherwise, I'm just plugging away and trying to save money for retirement as well as reduce debt. 

How about you?  Would you care to share the breakdown of your debts? 

Current debt:  $231,005.87  (yep, no change since I typed it up above in the body of the post!)  :) 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Plugging away....

Not too much going on here these days, just trying to keep reducing the debt total and not spend unnecessarily.  I have been pretty good with my grocery shopping and am doing fairly well at stocking up on sale items without buying unneeded items.  I've been trying to coupon as much as possible lately and have even been able to donate several items to the women's shelter.  When I can buy toothpaste for $0.25 or free, I like to get as many as I can and donate them.  I have my credit card paid down to ZERO and am working like mad to get that $2,000 saved up to make my annual loan payment to my parents.  After that I can really attack the car loan which I've managed to reduce over $2,000 since refinancing it in late November.  I'm currently ahead on payments to the point where my next payment is not really due until May 9th, however we all know I won't wait that long to make my next payment.  More likely than not, I will be making another payment before the end of February.  :)  I just love to see that number continue to plummet!  Tax refund has been received and is now sitting in my savings account waiting for the end of April when I write my parents the loan payment.  After that I will only have 3 more years of payments to them.  Can't wait to have that one done.  Like I said though, not too much going on around here.  This is my least favorite time of year and I find that I tend to hibernate, so there isn't much to report.  Looking forward to spring coming. 

Current debt:  $231,005.87 (almost down under $231,000!!) 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

End of the month already...

It's hard to believe we are already to the end of January!  If all of 2014 goes this fast, it'll be the holidays in the blink of an eye.  For all intents and purposes my financial month is over.  I've paid all my bills and so far so good.  I've reduced my overall debt by $1,141.08.  I wish it were more, but I had my football season ticket renewal come up, so I'm expecting that future months will show a greater decrease going forward.  Not much else to report from here...looking forward to a great weekend with the BF and family. 


Current debt:  $231,758.93 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Unexpected expenses...

Ugh! Unexpected expenses are the worst!  OK, well not the absolute worst, but they sure do hurt when you don't have an adequate emergency savings.  Worse than unexpected expenses happened to me last week.  My 96 year old Grandma fell 2 weeks ago and broke her hip.  She was in good health for the most part and was still pretty active, so they opted to replace the hip.  Unfortunately, that was the beginning of the end for her.  She contracted pneumonia and MRSA after her surgery and never fully came back to us.  My Grandma lived out of state, so my parents went to be with her while she recovered from surgery and stayed until the funeral was held and her apartment completely cleared out.  I went to the funeral which would not have been possible had it not been for the generosity of my parents using their miles to fly me there and paying for the hotel.  What a horrible position to be in, 41 years old and not able to handle something like this because I've not properly prepared for any emergency.  This was a huge eye opener for me that it's time to take the Emergency Fund more seriously and get on with it.  While I'm still working on paying my debt, I need to also be building a emergency fund so that when an emergency arises, I can handle it and not put myself further in the hole. 

Thank you Lord for my amazing parents last week! 

Current debt:  $231,758.91  (this is still going down, but may move a little slower for a bit while I build up my savings!)