Monday, October 17, 2016

Update on the past few days...

I have been doing pretty well on my spending and working on my payment plan.  I've been pairing down the amount of "stuff" I have and feeling generally pretty good about things.  Last Friday was payday and I paid all of my bills, filled the gas tank and went grocery shopping.  I was able to do all of this and not one time did I pull out the credit card.  I have enough food on hand to last us for the next 2 weeks until payday rolls around again.  I can usually go 3-4 weeks without needing to fill the gas tank. (I drive only 6 miles a day roundtrip to work).  I even managed to purchase a few small Christmas gifts with the money I had on hand.  Yay!  No credit card pulled out for these purchases.  I also received a check for $20.80 from Checkout 51 and $5.63 from Saving Star.  All of these little extra amounts of money help out when you're trying to do it all with cash.  I'm also working really hard not to be too aggressive in paying my credit card and leaving myself cash poor until next payday.  When I do this, I always seem to end up pulling out the credit card to bridge the gap...NO MORE!! I have had it with seeing the balance on my cards increase.  I want to be excited to see them decrease.  I've put together a comprehensive notebook of my current debts, upcoming payments and any additional income over and above the salary from my everyday job.  I'll admit, I'm working harder on decreasing costs as opposed to increasing income.  I think decreasing costs is going to be something I will be able to sustain more effectively than increasing income.  I have decreased my trips to Starbucks from 5 mornings a week, down to 3.  I know this isn't huge, but based on the cost of my drink x 2/week x 52 weeks, this will save me $451.36 annually.  I'd like to cut this down even more, but I think baby steps are the way to go for me.  I am working on creating a Wardrobe Capsule that will mean fewer clothing purchases, more well thought out purchases and the ability to create more outfits with fewer clothes.  If you aren't familiar with Capsule Wardrobing, Google it!  You will be inspired! 

That's about it for now, just thought I'd update you on what I have done over the past few days in relation to my finances. 

Current debt:  $215,272.91  (woohoo!  Progress since last week!) 

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