Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 goals...

I guess it's time I think about what my goals are for this year.  I'm back at work after taking a week off over the holidays.  I can't keep my head buried in the sand any longer.  So, without further ado...here they are!

     *Make my $2,000 annual loan payment to my parents in April.
     *Bring debt total down to under $200,000.
     *Remain credit card debt free.

And although this last one isn't the easiest to measure, it's one I have been working hard on for awhile and I'd like to continue working on.

     *Be more mindful of what I spend my money on and not be frivolous with my spending.       Thinking before buying.  Can I make do with that I have?  Find a cheaper option?  Buy used?  Put that expenditure off for awhile? 

I'd like to also continue working toward increasing my survey income and working on my Jamberry business, but not at the expense of spending time with those I love.  I want to "live" my life and not always be ruled by what is going to help the bottom line the most.  Make sense?

Happy New Year!

Current debt:  $221,725.10  (hey, look at that, already down a bit since yesterday!)

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virnsky said...

Those are great goals. Good luck!