Tuesday, December 30, 2014

End of 2014...start of 2015, where does the time go?

I'm having a hard time getting head around the fact that tomorrow is the last day of 2014 and the time is flying by.  This has been a great year and I'm hoping that 2015 is even better.  I've found love this year and life is looking bright.  I'm not 100% certain on my goals for 2015, and although I didn't reach all of my 2014 goals, I'm happy with the progress I did make.  I made my annual loan payment to my parents, and reduced my overall debt by over $10,000.  This next year I'm really going to try to reach that goal of at least $1,000/month. 

I pulled my annual credit report and was happy to see there was nothing unfamiliar on it and my credit score as 775, so I'm happy.   I will pull that again at this time next year and hope for an even higher number. 

This year saw a lot of changes for me.  I met a really great man and was surprised to fall in love.  In fact, we just moved in together about a month ago.  I was able to rent my condo out so that my mortgage and dues are covered in the rental income.  I no longer have cable and power bills, the BF is paying those in full.  He has 2 kids living with us so he is paying those while we each pay 1/2 the rent.  He also buys more of the groceries as they eat a significant amount more than I do.  I think I'll end up seeing an overall savings in my budget in the coming year.  It'll be interesting to see how this works out. 

Stay tuned for my debt reduction progress in 2015, may it be a year of great progress! 

Current debt total:  $222,355.77 (as compared to $232,900.01 on 12/31/13).  $10,544.24 paid off.  Woohoo!!

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