Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Busy, busy, busy...

I have been busily enjoying summer here in the great Pacific NW.  We've had fantastic weather and I've been enjoying it to the maximum.  And through the beauty of Facebook, I've reconnected with so many people and it's been fun to get out and meet up.  Through one long lost college friend, I've found a new business venture that I'm excited about.  Have you ever heard of Jamberry Nails?  The are super fun, heat activated wraps that decorate your nails in so many different ways.  There are fun and funky patterns, classic styles, sweet styles and beautiful solids in a variety of finishes.  So much fun!  If you've never seen them, check them out here.  I've never been one to try a direct sales business, but this one was very little to buy in and I was hooked on the product the first time I tried them. 

Current debt:  $225,160.84  (getting there!)

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