Thursday, May 29, 2014

Just a little rant.....

Ever have one of those days when you are so frustrated with the whole thing and just want to give up?  Yep, me too. In fact, I am having one of those months.  I feel like I'm constantly spinning my wheels, 1 step forward, 1 step back, which I guess is better than 1 step forward, 2 steps back, but still.  Will this debt monster ever be gone?  I've been taking some vacation time lately, just sticking around home and I must say, I've loved the time off.  I can't imagine how wonderful being retired someday will be.  Having this time off has reminded me that I must continue to save for that lovely occasion and with discipline, I will get there.  Ugh!  Just doesn't seem like it at the moment.  I'm so upside down in my condo, like most everyone else, but I just can't let myself be one of those people that walks away from the responsibility of it.  Sometimes I wish I could.  I feel like I never have enough money for any extras and I know it could be worse, but it doesn't feel like it at the moment.  I guess I'm just having a little pity party for one right now.  That's all...disregard this rant and I'll try to post something more positive next time.  Thanks! 

Current debt:  $227,337.05  (seems like this is SO slowly going down!) 

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