Friday, March 14, 2014

That was a long 2 weeks....

from the last payday until today, but I made it.  I did have to pull out the credit card a couple of times for small expenses, but all in all, not too bad.  I didn't have to buy groceries, I had plenty on hand to get me through.  It's a good feeling to know that when push comes to shove, I can make it through on very little cash if need be.  In fact, my pantry hardly has a dent in it.  I'm sure I could go for quite awhile still without having to shop other than for perishables and even then, I have a lot of that in my freezer, so I could get by, it might just get a little boring with meals.  Weighing it out though, I think I'd prefer boring meals to putting myself further in debt.  Anyway, not too much else going on here, just wanted to check in.

Current debt:  $230,390.56 (this is SO CLOSE to being under $230K!!) 

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