Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Unexpected expenses...

Ugh! Unexpected expenses are the worst!  OK, well not the absolute worst, but they sure do hurt when you don't have an adequate emergency savings.  Worse than unexpected expenses happened to me last week.  My 96 year old Grandma fell 2 weeks ago and broke her hip.  She was in good health for the most part and was still pretty active, so they opted to replace the hip.  Unfortunately, that was the beginning of the end for her.  She contracted pneumonia and MRSA after her surgery and never fully came back to us.  My Grandma lived out of state, so my parents went to be with her while she recovered from surgery and stayed until the funeral was held and her apartment completely cleared out.  I went to the funeral which would not have been possible had it not been for the generosity of my parents using their miles to fly me there and paying for the hotel.  What a horrible position to be in, 41 years old and not able to handle something like this because I've not properly prepared for any emergency.  This was a huge eye opener for me that it's time to take the Emergency Fund more seriously and get on with it.  While I'm still working on paying my debt, I need to also be building a emergency fund so that when an emergency arises, I can handle it and not put myself further in the hole. 

Thank you Lord for my amazing parents last week! 

Current debt:  $231,758.91  (this is still going down, but may move a little slower for a bit while I build up my savings!) 

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Chitown said...

Parents are awesome! Sorry to hear about your grandmother.