Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 Goals



Loan payment to Mom and Ed ($2000/YEAR)
Net worth up to $105,000 by end of year
Car debt down to $15,000 by 12/31/14 (OR FURTHER) 
Cash savings up to $3,500 BY 12/31/14

Happy New Year!

Wow! Another year come and gone! Where did it go?  It's so true what they say, the older you get, the faster the years go.  This is one year I'm happy to see go.  2014 has to be better then 2013 was. My finances aren't as bad as I was afraid they were going to be, but they aren't as pretty as I'd hoped.  I guess "hoping" isn't going to get the debts paid down.  I've made some good, some bad financial decisions over the past 12 months and the bad, well, there's nothing I can do about them now.  But, I can learn from them, move forward and not make the same mistakes again.  As always, I pulled my credit report on this last week of the year and it looks good.  I have always paid my bills on time, so I'm happy that at least my credit rating is good.  Now if I could just stop using so much credit.  I'm working on that.  Hoping to develop some new, healthier, less costly habits this next year.  Have you checked your credit recently?  You can do that here.  Remember, you can check your credit once a year free of charge.  No excuses, just do it! 

Tonight I'll be going to the annual New Year's Eve bash at my brother's house and will spend the night so as not to drink and drive, which can be horrific to your finances if caught, or worse yet, deadly!  It's always a fun party with lots of good friends.  I'll need to bring an appetizer and what ever I want to drink.  Easy enough. 

I've been house sitting for a friend since Christmas and will be done with that on the 2nd.  While it's been nice to be somewhere else, I'm ready to go home.  My utility bill should look better this month, I was able to turn my heat off and unplugged a lot of things that use a small amount of electricity just being plugged in. 

I'm looking at reducing as many "fixed" expenses as possible in the coming year.  I have enhanced cable and a DVR, both of which I really don't need.  I cut out my Internet at home last January and although I've made it a year without it, I think I'd rather have that back instead of having all the TV channels and the DVR.  I only watch TV a couple times a week, so maybe it's time to look at that and readjust.  Besides, if I have Internet at home, I can work on listing more items for sale on eBay.  Looking in to that again.  In the past I've made a good amount of money selling unused, unneeded items, plus it feels so great to clean out the clutter. 

While my debt total didn't go down as much as I was hoping, I did bring my net-worth up to what I was hoping for it to be by the end of the year. 

That car loan is what is costing me so much right now.  I'm throwing every penny at it that I can and will continue to do so until it's gone. 

Happy New Year friends!  I hope you have a happy, healthy and safe new year!  Enjoy! 


Current debt:  $232,900.01  (let's see where this ends up on 12/31/14)