Wednesday, November 20, 2013

5 weeks until Christmas...

and I've not done much in the past week except add to my list of things that need to be done.  I've not actually crossed a single thing off that list.  This upcoming weekend I don't have too much going on, so I think I will I will probably try to tackle some of the things on that list.  I may even begin decorating.  I will wrap the 2 gifts that I have purchased so far and address my Christmas cards.  Are you getting things done yet for the holidays?  Or are you still thinking that you couldn't possibly begin thinking about Christmas? I've been getting better year after year at making and sticking to lists, not to mention sticking to my budget.  Yay! 

Work has been crazy busy again lately, so I've been working more overtime, which always comes in handy, especially at this time of year.  If I do well sticking to my holiday budget, maybe I'll even be able to put some extra to my credit card debt. 

I've also been working really hard at cutting out a bad habit that costs me quite a bit of money over an entire year.  I  had been up to drinking at least 6 diet Cokes a day and now I'm down to one and drinking much more water.  Not only do I feel better, I sleep better, my skin looks better and my wallet is noticing a difference too.  I'm sure this will also help my overall health which can only help my financial situation in the long run. 

That's about all from the land of change for now...I hope you all have a safe, happy and healthy Thanksgiving.  Enjoy! 

Current debt:  $233,856.12

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