Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Boost to the retirement account..

I noticed this morning when logging in to my retirement accounts that there was a significant increase in the balance.  Hmmm....that's strange, the market has been decreasing a little bit, how do I have more money?  Ah, the 2012 company match was deposited in the last few days.  Oh how I love to see that increase!  Woohoo!  It's seeing that which makes me so glad I work for a company that cares about my future, even when I'm no longer working here.  While it's only a 3% match, it's 3% more than I had before and who can balk at free money?!  Certainly not me! 

I'm hoping in the next couple years that as I continue to put the 3% in to my company sponsored retirement plan, I can also start to max out my Roth IRA account annually as well.  I'm also fortunate to have worked in the past for a company that earned me a small pension when I'm ready to retire.  Hey, every bit helps I say.  I only have a few more years of loan payments to my parents and that will free up an extra $2,000 annually to add to retirement and/or investments and I'm diligently making extra payments to my car loan to obliterate that as quickly as possible as well as staying credit card debt free.  If I continue to do these same things, in a couple years, the only debt I will have will be mortgage debt and then I will really have money to throw at my future. 

Current debt:  $235,215.08  (looking forward to this going down this coming Friday when many payments hit!) 

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John haver said...

Hey mate you are doing great. You are lucky that your balance is more. Give us update how much your debt lower down after payment.