Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer's flying by...

I'm not sure where the time goes, but I swear every year the summer goes quicker and quicker.  Is tomorrow really the last day of July already?  Only 5 more months left in the year!!  Since I've bought the new car this year, my debt isn't going to look near as great as I was hoping, but I'm making progress on it regardless.  And I'm saving big on fuel, so that extra savings is going to reducing my debt as well.  I've been taking advantage of the nice weather here and hanging out at the pool at my condo, it's been great to enjoy that and not have to pay anything for the entertainment.  I am going out of town next weekend, but I'll be staying with a friend and we'll probably be hanging out at her pool most of the time as well as relaxing and BBQing.  I've been working a lot of overtime, so it'll be nice to have a fun, relaxing weekend with friends. 

I'm having foot surgery in September as well.  Thankfully I've met my deductible this year and I've been putting off this surgery until I'd done so.  I've had 8 foot surgeries in the past and this will hopefully be my LAST one.  I have to have my 2nd toe amputated to the 2nd knuckle.  :(  Due to previous surgeries my big toe is much shorter than my 2nd toe and that poor 2nd toe is taking a beating when I'm out running.  Two years ago I lost the toenail and I've never been able to grow one back, so I don't think looks wise, I'll notice much difference after the surgery.  And thankfully I will only have to be off work for 3 days, so not too bad, and I have paid sick time that will cover my wages for that. 

This coming weekend I will be helping my sister in law list several items on eBay that she wants to sell, but doesn't know how to do.  I've helped many people in the past list items, and really enjoy it.  My brother doesn't think anyone will buy the stuff and she wants to prove him wrong.  :) 

Other than that, not too much going on around here.  Hope summer is treating you all well.

Current debt:  $236,954.79 (will be going down a bit more by the end of the week, but as for July, all payments are posted!) 

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Chitown said...

That would be a great blog post! How do you go about selling things on Ebay? I certainly want to know! =)