Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Progress is being made…woohoo!!

OK, so I’ve made it through one family birthday already and one more to go this month (next week). Then I have a break from birthdays until the end of March. I’ve gotten my tax refund and it’s sitting in my savings waiting for my loan payment due to my parents in April and I have my football season ticket renewal coming up, but I have the money for that in my checking account. All bills are paid until March 1, so I’m feeling pretty good about things at the moment. I’ve been being really good about not overspending on my groceries and keeping tabs on my gas expenditures, trying to make smart decisions when running errands. So far this year I’ve only spent $65 on gas for my car. I cut out my Internet connection at home, I have access on my iPhone and the library is very close if I ever need more access. I’ve also cut down my cable to basic, I watch about 4 hours of TV/week, so it’s not like I’m missing out on anything. I read A LOT!! Thankfully, again the library is just down the street.  We’ve had a warmer than usual winter this year and it shows in my utility bill, it was surprisingly smaller this time than I think it has ever been at this time of year since I moved in 6 years ago.

Every year I try to give something up for lent and I’ve been giving it some thought lately as to what I will give up this year. I’ve decided that I’m going to give up alcohol. I’m not a huge drinker, but I do like a glass of wine every evening and on the weekends a couple of glasses. It’s not a big thing, but the 6+ weeks of lent will save me quite a bit of money in my grocery bill, not to mention the health benefit of not imbibing.

Other than that, not too much going on here, just waiting for spring to come…I love it when the flowers start sprouting and the days are starting to get longer.

Current debt: $230,364.87 (that’s quickly going to be under $230,000!!!)


Sharon said...

Sounds like you are getting your finances in order! I'll be cutting a few things too. You've only spent $65 on gas? You must not drive very much. I would LOVE to spend that in a week, but it takes my husband and I almost $100/wk for gas.

Lisa said...

It's May already. We miss you. You OK?