Thursday, January 3, 2013

Credit card debt is ..........

GONE!!  I just set up my final payment on my credit card! Woohoo!  Payment will go through tomorrow and I will officially have the credit card debt gone.  My pay increase has taken affect and it's made a real difference in my paycheck.  So far, I've only spent $10 in 2013 with no plans to spend any money until Saturday.  Then I will be running all of my errands and hoping to have a quiet evening.  I'm working on planning my menu for January and will try to do the bulk of my grocery shopping then for the entire month and then make do with what I have on hand for the rest.  January is going to be my month of spending as little as possible on unnecessary items. 

The first 4 months of each year are always expensive for me as I have my football ticket renewal and the annual loan payment to my parents as well as 4 birthdays in my family by April 30.  I'm going to have to be creative about the things I come up with for those occasions, but I don't think that will be much of a problem. 

Now that the credit card debt is gone, I'm moving on to saving for the annual loan payment and knocking out the car loan.  I am working on setting up a graph to chart my progress and keep me motivated.  Does anyone know if there is an IPhone app that will help me track this? 

Woohoo!  Super excited that the credit card debt is FINALLY gone, that was the end of the debt from my divorce and it's nice to begin the year putting closure to that part of my life.  :) 

Current debt:  $231,520.74 (look at that balance going down!!!)


LBC Teacher said...

Congrats! That last credit card payment is such a good feeling!

The Executioner said...

Well done. Credit card debt is the worst. Keep snowballing down the other debts and before you know it you'll just have the mortgage left.

jennifer fox said...

What an amazing feeling that must be! Congrats!