Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holidays...bah humbug...

OK, not really, I'm just working on a plan to keep the cost associated with said holidays down.  While I've drastically reduced my gift spending over the past several years, I'm still looking for ways to cut even more.  This coming Friday my mom, sister in law and I will take the day off work and head out shopping.  I'm hoping to take care of all of my shopping on this one day and then next Monday when I take my Grandma out to do her shopping.  Other than that, I hope to steer clear of the malls and shopping.  I'm looking forward to spending some time celebrating the real reason for the season, enjoying friends and family, relaxing and reflecting. 

I was home sick this past week for 2 days and was so thankful to have paid sick leave at work.  There was NO way I could have gone to work and while I felt miserable, it was a real comfort to know that I was still going to be paid for those days, one thing off my mind while I was home and could focus on getting better. 

I'm working on thinking of what my goals for 2013 are going to be.  I'm hoping to start the new year without the credit card debt, however, there may be a small amount left to pay on that.  That will be my first priority, then I have to get the money built up to make my annual payment to my parents for my mortgage down payment loan.  That will be due in April and is nice to get it taken care of.  Then it's time to power ahead on knocking out the car loan.  Since I turned 40 earlier this year, I am focusing on planning more for retirement and the future.  It's hard to believe I've hit 40 already, I'm sure 50 will come even quicker, then 60 and so on.  It was  a real eye opener to see that 40 came so fast and I want to be able to retire at a reasonable age and enjoy life. 

Not too much going on here, I know it's going to be 2013 before I know it and a new exciting year.  I hope you all are looking forward to a joyous holiday season with family and friends and NOT getting yourself in to debt.  Remember, no one wants you to give them a gift that you can't afford. I would hate to hear that someone when in to debt in order to give me a gift.  And because I feel like that, I am not going to put myself in to debt in order to give anyone else a gift. 

Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday season! 

Current debt:  $233,562


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The holidays can lead to major stress if your are in debt. We have tried our best to make it fun for our family while still keep our costs down. It's insurance for your budget and life to make the holidays more frugal.