Sunday, November 4, 2012

Progress is continuing...

Not as quickly as I'd like, but at least I'm continuing to make progress and the debt total is going down and not up.  I'm SO close to having the credit card paid off and should have it at a ZERO balance by the end of the year.  My credit card was compromised online and used all over the Internet, thankfully I wasn't responsible for those new charges and my account number has changed.  I received the new card and haven't activated it yet or put it in my wallet, less temptation that way.  I've been out and about often lately when if the card had been in my wallet, I knew I would have used it. This is something I've learned about myself and it's been great to know that by not having the card and not being able to make some purchases, I've not felt the least bit deprived.  I can't even remember what some of those things are that I would have wanted to buy, so I guess that means I didn't really want them to begin with. 

I'm having a bit of an internal dilemma as to what to do about my car.  While I really do like my Volvo XC90, it's WAY more car than I need and I resent it every time I have to fill the gas tank.  I've had the car for just over a year now and I'm trying to decide if I want to keep it, or trade it in for something smaller and more economical.  I'm afraid that for a short time I'll be upping my debt in order make this change, so I'm torn as to what to do.  I've decided to make myself wait at least 6 months thinking on this and not to make any quick decisions.  Quick decisions usually spell financial mistakes for me. 

As the holidays are approaching, I'm looking at the gift shopping I am doing and there will really be very little spending.  I typically only buy for my niece and nephew along with both of my Grandma's.  My parents I always go in on something with my brother and that's about it, I don't buy gifts for friends.  I bake a lot and usually give that away to many of my friends. 

Still really busy at work and putting in a lot of overtime, that's really what's helping me get this credit card off my back.  I'll let you know when the debt is gone 100%.  Hope you are all having a fabulous fall. 

Take care!

Current debt:  $234,202

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