Sunday, October 7, 2012

A quick update...

I know, I know, it's been awhile again since I posted anything, but it's because I'm still working long hours and putting in lots of overtime.  Did you see the decrease in the ticker above?  I'm really seeing progress on my debt reduction and doing what I can be mindful of my day to day spending.  It's the 7th day of the month and so far I've only spent money one day!  OK, mind you, I spent $152.88 yesterday, but that was groceries for the next week and a half and fuel for the car and a birthday gift for a dear friend.  All in all, not too bad.  It's starting to really cool off here and I'm fighting turning on the furnace yet, I always try to at least make it to mid-October before doing so and if I can make it for the next week, I'll be out of town for 2 weeks, so I may even be able to hold off until Nov. 1st.  That darn electric heat is expensive!! 

I've been busy with all kinds of things besides work lately too.  I've been watching my niece play soccer on most Sundays and trying to get to all of my nephew's cross country meets.  I've been taking care of all of my yearly Dr. appts, I've had my annual gyno exam and just the other day I had my 1st mammogram, had my eyes checked, my teeth cleaned, and received my flu shot.  Not one of these things cost me any money out of pocket and I'm eternally grateful for insurance.  I even have some long term care insurance that paid me $50 for having the mammogram, hard to pass that up!  And you know me, as soon as that money was deposited in my account, I made a payment on my credit card with it.  I can hardly wait to see that at a zero balance.  Next up after the credit card is knocking out the car loan.  I hope to have that one paid off by the end of 2013. 

I received a call on Saturday morning from my credit card company asking if I'd been trying to use the card that morning, as I'd just gotten out of the shower and had not yet turned on my computer, I told them no.  Turns out, my card had been compromised somewhere along the line and someone had tried to charge over $1,000 in the wee hours of the morning all over the Internet.  Thankfully my card was being closely monitored and it was caught in time.  I would have noticed it as well, later that day as I had been planning on logging in to make a payment, but so glad they flagged it.  I'll have to wait about a week to get a new card in the mail, which is fine, I rarely use it anyway as I'm trying to get it paid off, so I won't miss it.

On a totally different note, I am taking my niece to the Justin Bieber concert this week!  Am I insane?  I think I must be or I really, really love that little girl!  A friend won the tickets from the radio and her daughter is too young to go, so she gave the tickets to me.  Oh well, at least I didn't have to pay anything for them and my niece is SO excited, it makes it totally worth it. 

Other than that, not too much going on around these parts, working, working, working to get the debt paid down and enjoying these last few days of warm fall weather before the rain and cold sets in.  Hope you all had a GREAT weekend, I know I did.   Take care! 

Current debt:  $235,965.49