Sunday, August 26, 2012

Resisted the urge to spend...

Today I went to the mall to meet my step dad to help him pick out an anniversary gift for my mom and I thought about doing a little shopping of my own, I've been wanting some new clothes, but I resisted and thought I would wait until after Labor Day when my mom, my best friend, her mom and I all go shopping at the local thrift store where all the clothes are half off on Labor Day.  In the past, I've done really well on these shopping trips and since I can wear casual clothes to work every day, it's nice to find jeans and t-shirts there at GREAT prices.  To help me resist the urge to splurge today, I only went in to stores that were necessary to help my step dad out with his shopping and I went straight home afterward.  I didn't even go in to any of my favorite stores.  Funny thing, while driving home, I was really proud of myself and didn't feel like I'd missed out on anything, but not at least window shopping.  I think I'm getting better and better at this saving money and not spending thing.  Tomorrow I will know what my paycheck for this Friday will be and I can make my plan to make debt repayments.  With so much overtime, I know I will be able to make another good size dent in it.  Stay tuned....more to come later this week! 

Current debt:  $239,744.00  (darn credit card interest increased this total a little bit.)

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