Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Long time since last never a good thing...

Ugh!  It's been over a month since I've last posted and that is never a good thing.  Whenever I'm not posting often, it usually means my finances are in the toilet.  Seriously, who wants to tell the world when things aren't going great, I like to post about my successes, who doesn't?!   It's really not all that bad, but I've been making very little progress on my debt reduction and that is extremely frustrating!  I was off from work for a week over Memorial day weekend and any time away from work usually spells lots of SPENDING for me.  :(  I'm disappointed in myself for my lack of restraint while on vacation.  This wasn't really like a "vacation" anyway, more of a staycation and trying to use up vacation time before losing it, so there was really no excuse.  Oh, but the sales were SO great for the holiday weekend and I am now the proud? owner of a beautiful new sofa from Macys.  Or should I say that Capital One is currently the proud owner of my sofa?  I've been analyzing my debts ever since that long week off and am not pleased with my behavior or my debt totals.  When I realized that my car is currently 10% of my total debt, including my mortgage, I about had a heart attack!  This is SO not acceptable and must be dealt with ASAP.  This coming weekend will find me listing many more things on eBay and getting rid of things I don't use, need or want all in order to help pay off my existing debt.  Almost $7,000 on the credit card and $24,000 on my car along with my mortgage of just over $200,000!  All this on an income of around $50,000/year.  Who do I think I am to have amassed so much debt?!  Not happy at all with myself right now and I'm going work my fanny off to get this monkey off my back.  I'm 40 years old and certainly don't want to continue having this much credit card and auto loan debt hanging on.  OK, enough about my ranting about my bad behavior, time to stop typing and do something about it.  Time for some tough love with myself and time to take the one credit card I have, out of my wallet and put it on ice. 

Current debt:  $242,935.00  (Ugh, makes me a little nauseous just typing that!)


LBC Teacher said...

All you can do is start positive behaviors from here and try to learn from it. What do you think triggered. The overspending? What could stop it next time?

Sharon said...

I do much better with my finances when I blog...I wonder why?

Okay, no need to beat yourself up...just keep paying down the debt. You can do it. Try and use just cash for a week, do a fiscal fast another. You'll get there!!