Wednesday, March 7, 2012

VERY slowwwwlllyyy paying stuff down

Ugh! How is it that it takes SO long to get debt paid off, but racking it up is no trouble at all?! I'm not making as much progress as I'd like at the moment, but that's because I've been putting all my eBay sales money in to my savings account for my 2 bigger expenses coming up next month. I've got to pay $2,000 to my parents for my annual loan payment and I have my season football ticket renewal coming up at the beginning of the month. I have the money in savings for both and I feel good about that, but I don't want to stop adding to savings for a bit until I know I'll have a good cushion once I pay those bills. I also have payments coming in monthly from the BF as he pays down the amount that I loaned him back in November, so that helps too. I'm thinking I'd like to have a cushion of about $1,000 after paying the big bills next month, then I can focus solely on paying down the credit card. I'm excited that I haven't used the credit card for quite some time now and I don't plan on using it any time soon either. I've been making good money on my eBay sales and I'm finding out what sells and what doesn't. I also am having 3 dresses and a coat dry cleaned right now to take down to the hoity toity consignment shop in town to see what I can get for them. :) As I peruse eBay a little bit more, I'm shocked at what I am seeing that sells and it's giving me more ideas of what I have that I can sell. I love, love, love the thought of decluttering too. Yay!

The BF is moving out on his own soon, which will be great! I am not good at living with someone and I can't wait to have my whole place back to myself. We're still going to be dating, but just stepping things back and we'll see what happens. He wants to get married and I have no idea if I EVER want to get married again. I got burned pretty bad last time and I'm just not sure I want to go through that again. I'm seeing a counselor that is helping me through a lot of this, but we'll see how it goes. I'm perfectly content being on my own.

Not too much else to report from here, things have been quiet lately.

Current debt: $242,809.84

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