Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Is February 1/2 over already???

Where is this month going? My goodness it's flying by!!! I'm doing fairly well on my eBay listings and am happy so far with the things I'm selling. Several of my items have quickly met the reserve bid and are rapidly increasing, so that's cool. I went through my storage unit at my condo and was pleasantly surprised to find several more still new in the box items that I could list. Yay! I'm not sure how people do this for a living, but it's fun to clean up some of my closets and sell off a few things to make a little extra cash.

I've been a lot more diligent about taking all the survey offers that come my way and so far this year, I've earned an extra $352 taking surveys. Not bad! There really is money to be made in surveys, you just have to know what to do and be patient, I've been doing them for years and I'm really starting to see it pay off.

I received my tax return deposited in to my account yesterday and I've put that money away in savings until it's time to renew my football season tickets, then I'll use the remainder of it toward debt reduction. Most of the big expenses for the moment are done, so I'll be able to refocus on the debt reduction. At least I've gotten the spending in check again, so the bleeding has stopped, not it's time to work on reducing the debt. I'll keep you posted.

Can't wait to see what the final eBay sales are when these auctions end. :)

Current debt: $243,359.85


Kimberley said...

It is hard to believe we are halfway thru Feb! Great job on the eBay side income, I have some items that I would like to put on eBay, but I think I need pictures first!

Anonymous said...

Good job on Ebay. I've done that a bit in the past. Right now I'm focusing on etsy, since a lot of what I have is odd, designery, not "new in box" and more quirky/vintage. I'm also having a yard sale this weekend (in preparation of not having to move it next weekend when I move to a new place). You're on the right track. Ebay can be a pain, and a lot of effort. Just remember you lose the 3-4% on the selling price, and again on paypal, so you're already down 7-8% from what it sells for.

Oh, and it's good to purge, isn't it? I love getting rid of stuff and reevaluating what I own and what I have and what I want to get (as my tastes change and develop).

LBC Teacher said...

I would love to hear your tips on surveys...I don't have much luck. That would be a great post!