Thursday, February 9, 2012


So, I have a few things that I thought I would try to sell on eBay. I've done Craigslist before, but now I'm a little leery of doing that, so eBay is where I'm going to list a few things. Does anyone have any helpful advice for a newbie like me? As you all know, I'm trying to pay off my debt and clean things up. I have several things around my house that I just don't use and really don't have a need for. One being my Roku box...I thought it was going to be a great idea as I don't watch much TV to start with and there are really only a few things I like to watch. Turns out, the shows I wanted to see wouldn't be available through Roku for quite some time. I went back to basic cable and got a screamin' deal, so I'm happy. I'm also selling a few brand new, still in the box items that I received a few years back as wedding gifts and I know I will never use. It looks like it's easy enough to list things, but I'm sure there's a lot more to it than I realize. Any suggestions?

I did a few surveys at the other day and made good progress toward earning another $50 payout. Yay! Also, there was about $32 in other surveys that I did over the weekend that I should be receiving payment on soon.

Not too much else to report from here, just checking in.

Current debt: $243,413.12 (let's hope my eBay auctions help lower this number and soon!)

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Melinda said...

I enjoyed Ebay, used to sell lots of clothes my kids had outgrown on there. Sold a few of my own things as well. Its pretty easy, I just had to set aside time to list things when I could concentrate. I would see what other sellers were selling similar things for and go from there, and I only accepted paypal which made things so much easier. Always track packages with the post office too. Good luck!!! :)