Monday, January 23, 2012

Very little spent this weekend...

We had another mellow, small spending weekend. BF works on Saturdays, so Friday nights we don't do much but go to the clubhouse at our condo for cocktail hour. Saturday I was down all day with a horrendous headache and didn't go anywhere. Not exactly the nicest way to NOT spend money, but a no spend day it was and I'll take it. Sunday we went to try out a new church and we did stop at Starbucks for a treat, we usually buy a latte once a week, so it's a splurge for us and probably one we could do without, but we really enjoy it and since we don't get too crazy with spending, we feel it's OK. We rarely even go out to eat, so this is our big splurge each week. After church we went to do a little grocery shopping and while we were hungry and probably bought more than we normally would have, we didn't go overboard with junk food and kept it to stuff to make lunches and dinners, so we're set for most of the week now. After that we went home, had lunch and watched a couple of movies that we had borrowed from my parents and had a nice relaxing day. :)

What did you do this weekend? Did spend a little or a lot? Any unnecessary spending?

Current debt: $242,805.55

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The Executioner said...

This sounds exactly how weekends used to go for us before I wife got food allergy testing. She'd get a headache and be out of it for a couple of days. Now that she's avoiding foods on her allergy list, she rarely gets headaches like this anymore (maybe 1-2 per year). And she had been getting them weekly for most of her life before that.