Monday, January 16, 2012

Frugal weekend...

So, we had a great, fun filled weekend, but didn't spend much money at all! Yay! Friday night I went to the clubhouse at my condo where they have a weekly cocktail party. Everyone brings what they want to drink and a snack to share. Very fun, low cost and it was nice to know that after drinking, I just had to walk upstairs to my home. Saturday, I did a little grocery shopping early and scored some great bargains in the markdowns. I spent the rest of the day at home while BF worked, then my brother and sister in law brought their kids down to spend the night. We stayed home and made caramel corn and watched a movie, then woke up to snow on Sunday morning. After making a big breakfast and filling our bellies, we went for a walk in the snow, it was beautiful and we burned off some of that breakfast having a snowball fight. Very fun!

After taking the kids home, BF and I came home and watched some football and a movie we got for Christmas. Lounged around the rest of the evening and enjoyed relaxing and the quiet of the kids being gone. HA! I love those kids, don't get me wrong, but my goodness they can be loud. :)

We watched Extreme Cheapskates last night which was quite entertaining, not to mention troubling. Some of these people are WAY over the top in their efforts to save money, but there were also some really great thoughts shared as well. While I'm not willing to ask people in restaurants if I can have their leftovers or resort to recycling toilet paper, I like the idea of a weekly fiscal fast every few months to use up what we have on hand and save some money. I'll watch the show again, if for no other reason than to glean a few good money saving ideas and to be disturbed by the doings of some people out there.

Current debt: $242,805.55

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Michelle P said...

I really want to watch that show, it seems very interesting.