Thursday, February 25, 2010

Are y'all tired of hearing about the kitchen yet???

Because I know I'm tired of writing, thinking and talking about it. Well, we returned the incorrect range to Home Depot and were suppose to get store credit, but the dumb girl working there didn't notice that the purchase was over 5 months old and just put the credit back on our Home Depot credit card...thank you dumb girl!! We picked out colors for the walls and the construction crew finished yesterday, yay! So this weekend we are going to be busy painting the kitchen and next weekend when DH is back in town, we can hang the cabinets and install the appliances. Double yay! We finally found our new Jenn Air internal downdraft, electric range today also at a savings of $800. What should have been a $2400 range we found for $1599. I had e-mailed last week to several places to get price quotes, all were $2400 or higher. Over the weekend we drove all over looking for a refurbished one to no avail. Imagine my surprise when I received an e-mail today from a company right in the next town that had just found a range, last years model, still brand new in box and would sell it for $1599, full warranty attached. The only difference between this years model and last years model is a different handle on the oven door. I had my husband call the store right away and put the deposit on it, they are going to deliver it this Saturday, free delivery! Wow, what a great day this turned out to be. I really think I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel on this kitchen project and I couldn't be happier about it! Pictures to come on Monday of my new kitchen walls and the pretty paint we picked out. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

update on the kitchen... pictures today, but we are really making great progress. I came home from work yesterday to a thin layer of dust over everything in the condo, but that's because they sanded the first layer of mud and applied the 2nd layer. No work being done today so the mud can dry, but they'll be back tomorrow to sand and texture. Then we get to paint and install our cabinets!! I can hardly wait! It's really starting to come together. Hopefully by the end of next weekend we'll have a fully functioning kitchen. Of course there will still be details to finish up, but we are doing really well and getting there finally. We're still trying to find our replacement stove, but I'm sure we'll find one. We have a couple of leads on refurbished ones which would be a great way to go, if we can find a good one. Those darn Jenn-Air internal downdraft stoves are EXPENSIVE, and since that is basically our only option, we are continuing to shop it and hope to find a new one soon. I'll keep you posted! I'm really hoping that next Monday I can do a post with all my beautiful cabinets in place. :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Progress in the kitchen...

I came home from work yesterday to see that we have started to make some progress. Yay!!! The electrician is coming on Wednesday and hopefully he will be able to quickly finish his work, we're paying him by the hour, so I hope he's quick. :) Here's where we are at so far, we removed an existing pantry to open up the kitchen more and I think it's going to be a really good decision. We've also eliminated the peninsula that seemed to make the kitchen small and tight an will instead be installing an island that will give a more open feel. Just a start, but here's what it looks like so far. I'll try to post pictures every time progress is visible.

I have to tell you all, this is the first time I have added pictures to a blog post, so please bear with me while I learn how to do this. :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Will I ever have a kitchen to cook in??

I'm starting to wonder if there will EVER be a functioning kitchen in our condo!!! The carpenters started their work today, finally, but yesterday we ran into another snag. My DH and step dad were trying to figure out the ventilation fan and the slide in range, turns out that Home Depot sold us two parts that are completely incompatible! And to make it worse, they are giving me a hard time about returning them. We went in to HD and told them what we had removed and needed to replace, a Jenn-Air electric downdraft range, but since we were buying a GE refrigerator and dishwasher, we'd like to be able to stick to the GE brand if at all possible. No problem the 2 old guys working in the appliance section tell us. Boy were they wrong!!! The downdraft ventilation they sold us is only compatible with a cook top, not a range and GE doesn't even make one with that is compatible. The only option with the slide in range is to have a range hood, which will definitely not work for us. HD's customer care department was less than helpful, they said there was nothing they could do to help us and that because it was a special order, no returns and besides that, it had been over 90 days since we purchased. I was very polite on the phone and decided to try a different angle. I called the store we made our purchases at and the specialties department manager was much more helpful. He still can't give me a refund, but has offered to take it back as a return and waive the 15% restocking fee and will give us in store credit. That works for me, as we have a lot of home improvement projects still to do. I knew I had to be willing to bend too since it was almost 5 months since we had made the original purchase, but I didn't think I was being unreasonable since it was their staff that sold us the wrong items. So, now I just need to wait for DH to come back in to town this weekend and we will get this old range returned, get our store credit and set out to find a new Jenn-Air range since they are the only ones that make a built in downdraft. Wish us luck!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stressed to the max...

Sorry to have been MIA for awhile, things have gotten really stressful, and just when we think there's a light at the end of the tunnel, something else happens and darkness again! We ended up getting screwed by the designer and the company that she works for in regards to our kitchen. The initial bid was more than doubled once we got closer to starting to do the work. So, we are now doing a lot of the work ourselves, which is good since it will save us a lot of money and we know that's a good thing, it's just going to take so much longer than we anticipated. BUT, we are doing fine and we will get through this.

Then last week, I went to the dentist for a routine cleaning and to have a tooth checked that had been being watched. Turns out it needed a root canal and rather urgently. So, next day I headed to the endodontist for my root canal which turned in to 2 root canals! Thank God for dental insurance and paid time off!! I'd never had a root canal before so I had no idea what to expect, thankfully this dentist was great and super fast. I didn't even feel the shots! Yay!

Yesterday DH got the word that he is going to be taking a temporary pay cut down to minimum wage until their next project starts. This really stinks since we are in the middle of our kitchen remodel and they didn't let him know until yesterday that this will go in to effect on his paycheck this Friday. They drafted the letter to him on Jan. 23rd, but didn't send it until yesterday!!!! Grrr! So crappy! So, I guess it's time to dip in to the emergency savings and do what we can to cut back wherever possible. Good-bye nice, fancy Valentine's dinner, oh well! We have decided instead to have a nice stay at home day in our jammies and watch movies. I will be working any overtime that I can in the meantime and doing what I can to cut back wherever possible. I've also gotten really serious about my survey opportunities and trying every single one that comes my way. Yesterday I did some that will result in a $21.50 check, which will always help out too. I have even gotten my DH doing surveys now and he loves it. He's having a great time trying out different products and giving his 2 cents.

We had our taxes done over the weekend and thankfully will be getting a very hefty return! Normally I wouldn't think this is a great thing, but the reason we are getting it this year is because DH was a first time home buyer and is getting the $8,000 tax credit. That's also really going to help us stretch through and make it through this belt tightening time period!

It will get better, I know it will, it's just hard to think about it right now. I'm going to keep my chin up and keep plugging along, not much else I can do about it! I hope things are going better for the rest of you out there. This too shall pass...