Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lots of "no-spend" days so far this month...

Well, here we are at the 17th of the month and so far I have had 11 "no-spend" days this month! Wow! And even had 2 no drive days. Of course I'm sure it helped that I was sick all weekend and didn't go anywhere or do anything. I've been fighting what I thought was just an ordinary cold for almost 2 weeks when I decided I should go to the Dr. Turns out I have a sinus infection and bronchitis! Yikes! Good thing I went in. Well a $30 copay and $45 worth or prescriptions later, I should start to feel much better real soon. On a positive note, I found a $20 bill on my way out of the grocery store, so that was cool! I'm getting ready for a staycation the week of Labor day and trying to think of some fun, inexpensive things to do that week. I'm going to take advantage of the pool at my condo a few days, weather permitting and I have a few books coming in at the library, so I'm hoping it will be a really nice, relaxing week. Hope you are all having a great summer!

"Never try to keep up with the Joneses, drag them down to your level, it's cheaper!"


Sharon said...

Love the quote! You are doing great with no spends..which I could say the same! So sorry to hear that you have been sick, hopefully you are feeling better!

Live Simply- Live Well said...

that quote is awesome! love it.

way to go on the no spend days.