Monday, February 15, 2010

Will I ever have a kitchen to cook in??

I'm starting to wonder if there will EVER be a functioning kitchen in our condo!!! The carpenters started their work today, finally, but yesterday we ran into another snag. My DH and step dad were trying to figure out the ventilation fan and the slide in range, turns out that Home Depot sold us two parts that are completely incompatible! And to make it worse, they are giving me a hard time about returning them. We went in to HD and told them what we had removed and needed to replace, a Jenn-Air electric downdraft range, but since we were buying a GE refrigerator and dishwasher, we'd like to be able to stick to the GE brand if at all possible. No problem the 2 old guys working in the appliance section tell us. Boy were they wrong!!! The downdraft ventilation they sold us is only compatible with a cook top, not a range and GE doesn't even make one with that is compatible. The only option with the slide in range is to have a range hood, which will definitely not work for us. HD's customer care department was less than helpful, they said there was nothing they could do to help us and that because it was a special order, no returns and besides that, it had been over 90 days since we purchased. I was very polite on the phone and decided to try a different angle. I called the store we made our purchases at and the specialties department manager was much more helpful. He still can't give me a refund, but has offered to take it back as a return and waive the 15% restocking fee and will give us in store credit. That works for me, as we have a lot of home improvement projects still to do. I knew I had to be willing to bend too since it was almost 5 months since we had made the original purchase, but I didn't think I was being unreasonable since it was their staff that sold us the wrong items. So, now I just need to wait for DH to come back in to town this weekend and we will get this old range returned, get our store credit and set out to find a new Jenn-Air range since they are the only ones that make a built in downdraft. Wish us luck!

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Live Simply- Live Well said...

o my gosh that sounds like such a hassle. i feel so bad for yall.