Thursday, January 7, 2010

Resolution update

So here we are 1 week in to the new year and I thought I would update you as to how I am doing on my resolution to try reducing my consumption of dietCoke. Before the new year started I decided that I wasn't going to completely give it up, but try to reduce it down drastically from my sometimes 6 can a day habit and so far I have met with great success. I have to date had a total of 3 1/2 cans of soda in the 7 days this year. I know I won't have any today as I am at home and I've moved it out of the house down to the garage which I have to go outside to get to. Too much hassle and I'm in my jammies! I'm not going anywhere today, so no soda either. I've also only spent money 1 day this year, last Saturday when I was grocery shopping. Pretty good! I love that I have the same money in my wallet as I did last Saturday. The DH is coming home tomorrow and will be home for the next 10 days, my goal is to try to keep our eating out to a minimum while he's here. He loves to go out to eat and since we don't have a kitchen right now, I know he'll want to eat out. But, I've filled the refrigerator and the shelves with lots to eat that require no prep or only the microwave. Wish me luck! Hoping to continue keeping the spending to a minimum.

How are you doing on your resolutions???

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paisley penguin said...

Aesome to hear on your habit! Keep it up!