Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mortgage payments made..

Happy new year to us! We have made both of our mortgage payments early, they were both due on 1/1/10 and they are both paid already. I love the feeling of seeing them go down, in fact, one of them it a milestone today. The mortgage on my condo dipped below $200,000 with today's payment! Yay! I can't wait to see it continue to drop and with my renter paying rent now, it should really help it plummet. New balances:

Condo #1: $199,999.99 (OK, so I just made it under $200,000!!)

Condo #2: $283,348.88

The car loan will be paid off in a couple of months too and then we'll be debt free except for the mortgages. Oh, if only we didn't have to do the kitchen remodel, I could send a ton of money to the mortgage, but since we've demo'd the kitchen and it's a big empty space, I guess we're committed to doing it now. Oh well, I know it will be so nice when we are done with it and it will totally be worth it. I keep telling myself that.

Happy holidays!


Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

Congrats on all of that hard work! It must feel great to start off the new year on the right financial foot :).

Also, congrats on the wedding!!

The Executioner said...

Did you send in just enough that the balance would be a penny under $200K, or was that a crazy coincidence?

change is a good thing said...

Executioner: You caught me! :) I did add that extra penny to make it under $200,000, but that was on top of the extra $462 I had added. I just couldn't resist.

Thanks Kasey! Life will hopefully calm down a little bit now. Happy holidays!

John Lair said...

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