Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Finishing the year up right...

I have had 3 no spending days in a row this week and it looks like tomorrow will be another one. I have enough gas in the car to get me where I need to go, enough food at home to feed me properly and no need for anything at the mall. I do however, have to go to the grocery store on the 31st to get some food for the NYE party and the open house I am going to on the 1st, but neither of these require much shopping, in fact, I already have most of the ingredients I need, so it won't be a lot of money spent. I'm looking forward to keeping up this habit in the new year and not over spending, and really focusing on reducing the debt load on mortgages. It'd be great if I could pay enough off on the condo to remove the PMI, that's going to be my big goal for the year. I think I'm gonna have to figure out a way to bring in extra money to apply directly to this debt. I know for sure that my survey money will go there, but anything else I can do will absolutely help it out too. Any ideas???

Happy New Year to all!!!! Enjoy, be safe and have fun!

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paisley penguin said...

Good luck with the PMI! We refinanced and were able to get out from under it!