Monday, September 28, 2009

And now the expenses start adding up...

We have really gotten in to the demolition stage of the work on our condo and are starting to do some of the putting back together of the place. We went to Home Depot both Saturday and Sunday and spent a small fortune!! We got the paint, light fixtures, ordered carpet and some more cleaning stuff! Two trips to the dump and a stop at the cabinet store (we haven't ordered those yet!) and we are racking up the expenses. I think we have enough supplies to do a lot of work for quite awhile now and shouldn't really have to make any hardware store runs for at least another week or so! Yesterday we got the walls all washed down and taped ready for painting, we even got one accent wall painted in our bedroom. I'm hoping to be able to make it back down there this week after work several days and finish painting our bedroom, then it's off to the guest room to paint next. Once both rooms are painted we can have the carpet laid and get those rooms about finished for now anyway. They will at least be livable and we can start working on other areas of the place. I'm excited to get it all done and see what it looks like, but I'm also enjoying the process of getting it there. My fiance and I are finding out that we work really well together on home improvement projects which is great, because we have a lot of them in our future! So much to do and hopefully move in before the wedding which is now only 7 weeks away! I'll post pics of the before and after bedroom as soon as we are done. Hope everyone had a great fall weekend!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tenant is back in...

I was so surprised last week when the gal I thought was going to be my tenant e-mailed me to tell me she had changed her mind. She absolutely loved the condo when she saw it and was super excited about living somewhere so nice. I was disappointed, but thought oh well, it wasn't meant to be. Then on Monday morning she e-mailed me again and said she had given it a lot of thought and if it were still available, she'd like to rent the place. Yay! I am so happy to have this taken care of. She has sent me a non-refundable deposit and is looking to move the first part of December. This works out really well for us since we are trying to get work done on the new condo and have the wedding coming up in November. Lots to do, so it's nice to have this checked off of my list! I'll keep you posted if she changes her mind again. Fingers crossed that won't be the case! :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Renovations are expensive...

We have just purchased the appliances for our kitchen and while they were actually quite a bit less than we were expecting, we have decided that we need to do a lot more in the space to make it work for us. We will have to put new carpet in the bedrooms as what is there is completely trashed, more so than what it looked like before we purchased, it's amazing what furniture can cover up!! This coming weekend we are going to tear out the old carpet and pad and let the place air out for a couple weeks, we've picked out new carpet, but are going to wait to install it until after we are done painting. And back to the kitchen, we have decided that we may as well bite the bullet and make the changes now as it's not going to get any cheaper and it'll be easier to do it before we move in. So, our next several weekends are going to be spent demo-ing out existing stuff in the condo, then working on painting and cleaning. I see a lot of nights and weekends at The Home Depot in my future as well, oh well, at least it's all going to be worth it in the long run, right? Please tell me it will all be worth it! :) Now we're really hoping we get a lot of money as gifts from the wedding, it'll really help out with these ever growing costs!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Darn it~

my renter backed out, she decided that she doesn't want to live so far from work and leave her dog home alone all day. Dang! I was so sure it was going to work out perfectly! Ugh, now I have to get to searching again for a tenant. So not looking forward to this, but I have to do it! I'll keep you posted on how it goes. Hope all is well with everyone.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Found a tenant...

I'm super excited to report that I have found a tenant for my condo! My best friend mentioned to a gal she worked with that I was going to be renting my place out and the gal just happened to be looking for somewhere to move, out of the city and into the suburbs. I am very comfortable with the referral from my friend, I know she wouldn't steer me wrong, plus I have run the background and credit check, she has EXCELLENT credit and she is looking for someplace where she can stay for several years, although we'll start out with a 12 month lease. Yay, I'm so happy! I was very reluctant to rent my place out, but I think this is going to work out great! She is in her current lease until Nov. 30th which for us works out well. The new condo needs some work done on it and we aren't planning on moving in for a month or two anyway, so this will give us some much needed time to finish the repairs and renovations. Plus, I am getting more in rent from this gal than I thought I would be able to ask for the place. It's still not quite enough to cover the mortgage, but it's close. So excited! She has already put down her deposit, so it looks like we are set! I'll keep you posted if anything changes.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Gross! OK, so we got the keys to the new condo and I went there after work to do some cleaning! Sheesh! I know it's not like an apartment and the owner isn't trying to get a damage deposit back, but is it to much to ask that they clean the kitchen sink and scrub the toilets? Man oh man, this place is filthy! It's going to take awhile to get it in shape and I can be comfortable that it is clean. Isn't it common courtesy to at least do some basic cleaning when moving out of a place? I can't imagine that people think it is totally fine to just pack up there stuff and leave without a backward glance to the mess they are leaving behind. OK, must put my rubber gloves on and get back to cleaning! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We have keys...

Yay! This afternoon the Realtors dropped off the keys to the new place. We can't go in until 9:00 tonight, so I'm just going to wait until I am off work tomorrow to head down there. I've got my arsenal of cleaning products ready to go and am looking forward to getting in there and really cleaning the place up. It'll be so easy to get a lot done since it will be empty, no furniture or anything to work around. Oh, I can't wait to get in there tomorrow night and start cleaning! :) Yay! New place in a GREAT location! So excited!