Friday, August 14, 2009

Where is August going???

This month seems to be flying by. Maybe it's because we are going to be closing on the new condo on Sept. 1st or maybe it's because as of tomorrow, the wedding is only 3 months away. Yikes! So much to do, so little time! I met with the Realtors about selling my place and for now it's going to make a lot more sense to rent it out and then revisit the idea of selling it in a year or so. This month is going really well though as my spending has been very slim. So far I have had 8 no spend days and although this weekend looks to be a spending one, next week looks like it will be pretty frugal. Since we are getting ready to move, I haven't been doing much grocery shopping, trying to eat through what we have on hand, easier to move if there's less food. Plus, I haven't wanted to buy too much because I'm not sure if we'll have a refrigerator in the new place when we first move in. The one that is in there currently is so disgusting, we aren't going to use it at all, just get rid of it and buy a new one. We're also going to have to buy a new dishwasher and stove as they are in very poor shape as well. I'm OK with holding off on the dishwasher right away, since I live alone most of the time, I don't create a lot of dishes, so hand washing will be fine for now. We were planning on re-doing the kitchen anyway, so the new appliances have been factored in to the budget, but the longer we can hold off on purchasing them, the better I think. I've been saving my survey earnings and will use it for things for the new condo too. So far this month, I have earned $172 from surveys. I'm having a great year with surveys and have been trying every single one that comes my way. Seems to be working as they are coming in more and more frequently. Seems like a good way to spend some extra online time and earn some extra spending cash! ;) Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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Live Simply- Live Well said...

I know this month is flying by. This whole year has flown by to be honest.
But, thats ok!
Yea for all the big things that are coming up for you in the next few months!!!