Thursday, April 2, 2009

Savings strategy

Last night the fiance' and I were talking about saving money for our new house and our life together. It's tough because we live in different states and are traveling back and forth a lot, which starts to take it's toll on the pocketbook. Anyway, we aren't seeing each other for 2 1/2 weeks which I know isn't long, but that will actually save us both a ton of money. We had gotten in to the habit of seeing each other every weekend which, when you are buying plane tickets, really adds up. When we are together on the weekends we like to go out and that of course ends up costing a lot of money too. So, we have decided that we are going to try to get back to the every other weekend plan of seeing each other, which means we should each only need to buy one plane ticket a month instead of two each. Huge savings right there! And when we aren't together on the weekends we obviously won't be spending as much money either as neither one of us goes out much when we aren't together. As I was lying awake last night trying to think of more ways to save money, I decided that I would charge myself a weekend tax every Friday. I set up an automatic transfer of $20 every Friday to go directly into my ING account. I know $20 isn't much, but it will add up quickly, and if I don't have it to spend, it will help me grow my savings without hurting too much. Isn't it so easy to waste $20?? I think this will be good for me because it will give me less money to spend foolishly and will continue to add to my savings for my future. Hey, if $20 is easy, I might up it to $25 and continue increasing it by $5 increments until I start to notice it. Time to tighten the belt and live frugally again. I'm looking forward to it, I love to watch my savings grow, that right there is entertainment to me! :)


Escape Brooklyn said...

I know exactly what you're going through! The every other weekend sounds like a good plan, although the off weekends really stink. Is he going to relocate to the Seattle area soon?

Charls King said...

I would like to exchange links with your blog.

Please contact me if you are interested.