Thursday, March 12, 2009

Long overdue post....

I'll bet you thought I had abandoned my blog, didn't you?! Sorry for the extended absence, I have no excuse, other than I have just been busy, busy, busy! Working a lot of overtime, planning a wedding and just being too darn tired when I'm not doing those other 2 things. But even worse than that, while not minding my blog, my spending has gotten out of control!! Ugh! I feel like I am bleeding money every time I turn around. With working extra hours, I have taken to eating out more or buying convenience foods when doing my grocery shopping. Planning the wedding is certainly taking it's toll on the finances too. We have secured our venue, caterer, photographer, officiant and DJ so far. And I am hoping to make a final decision on my gown tomorrow. All of which means deposits sent to save the date for services. In the last month I have spent over $3,000 in wedding related expenses. We are almost done with getting things settled for now that will require deposits, so it will be awhile until we are spending more on the wedding, but dang it feels like it's never ending at the moment. And my parents have told me how much they are going to contribute, but I am trying to hold off on taking the money from them so I know that I still have that to work into the budget as we get closer. I am also really pleased with what we have managed to do so far and are staying within or under-budget on most categories, so that will give us more to work with as we get to crunch time.

On top of working and planning the wedding I have been trying to take advantage of every survey opportunity that has come my way lately and so far this year I have managed to earn an extra $365! Not too bad! That is going straight to the savings account to help out with the wedding. I almost have the cake paid for with just my survey earnings!! Not too shabby!

I'll try my best not to let too much time go by before my next post, I promise! In the meantime, I want you to know, I have been reading lots of blogs and keeping up with what is going on in your lives. Please don't write me off yet. :) Happy spring!

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Pennygather said...

Good to hear from you again!

Congrats on the upcoming wedding (no matter how far or near!)

Keep posting once in a while!