Monday, February 9, 2009

2nd detail completed, we think

So, we think we have set a date. Nov. 14th. We have a couple of venues we will be looking at this coming weekend and are hoping to nail it down then. This is hopefully an easy date to be able to find something for as it's after the big wedding season and before holiday parties. :) Wish us luck!!

And today, I had an unexpected expense, but thankfully not too big a deal and I was able to easily cover it. I had to purchase a new battery for my 8 year old car. First time I have had to do it and thankfully it was only about $100. Didn't need to take anything out of the emergency fund or put it on the credit card. Yay! ;)

Other than that, not too much going on here. Once we have the venue set we can get moving on many of the other details. A couple of the sites we are looking at will have their own catering requirements which will make it easier, although maybe not less expensive, to get these things done. I'm really looking forward to shopping for the wedding dress and helping my bridesmaids pick theirs out. I'm letting them each choose a dress that they like and that flatters their figure, my only requirement is that they be black. I'm hoping this will allow them each to pick a dress that they can wear again for something else and they will be comfortable in whatever they choose. Most of the other wedding details I must admit, are not really my cup of tea, so thankfully I have 2 very good friends who are very excited to help with this part. I'll keep you posted on how the details come along... :)