Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First 2 months of the year are always expensive...

and it's not because I am paying off credit card bills from Christmas!! I always have the 12 month premium due for my car insurance and my Husky football season ticket renewal both come out of January's expenses. Now, I do have the money put away in savings for both of these, but I always try to challenge myself not to take as much out of my savings to pay both of those bills. If I can, I like to try to pay for them both fully with the money that is sitting in my checking account. Of course this results in finances being a little bit tight for the first 2 months of the year, but what a great feeling once those 2 months are over and I have paid these additional expenses and still have my savings account in tact.

Nothing much else going on, went to San Francisco last weekend to visit my beau, he lives in California and I am in Washington, so it's going to be expensive for awhile until we are living in the same place. But it's still in that new and exciting phase, so neither of us minds too much the extra expense. ;) Ahh, ain't love grand???!!!

Happy day to you all!


paisley penguin said...

They don't have much snow in California either!

indebt said...

Well, in Canada we have enough snow to share! And it was -29 today! Brrrr

Escape Brooklyn said...

Look at what a good mood you're in thanks to a great weekend with your beau! I love it!

Let me know how the long-distance thing is going because I'm on month three of living far from my husband, and the novelty has worn off. Or maybe it's just the post-holiday blues?

But I'm strapped this time of year as well because I always forget about my homeowner's insurance! The payment's due Sunday. =O

Live Simply- Live Well said...

I have been reading your blog for a long time, and I love it!
Congrats on the new relationship!

Canada realtor said...

You are completely right with this, beginning of year is always financial disaster. But in my case it is caused mainly by Christmas expenses .)
Very nice blog by the way, keep going!