Monday, January 5, 2009

2008 Wrap-Up and 2009 Goals

Well, a little late in coming, but I finally am back into the swing of things after a very busy holiday season and have put 2008 to rest, financially speaking. I have used my time off to enjoy time with family and friends and to look toward 2009 and what my goals are for the coming year. So, without further adieu, 2008 numbers:

220 No Spend Days!!! I am really excited about this number, I was hoping to at least keep it to 50%, but have managed to surpass that goal and did not spend any money at 60% of the time last year.

$1856.50 earned through surveys! I kind of tapered off on taking surveys towards the end of the year, mostly because I was just too busy with work and my new beau!

Now, for the less exciting numbers;

Groceries: Budgeted $1200, spent $1209.63. I don't think I could have guessed more accurately for this one. I know the grocery category is going to have to increase this coming year for several reasons, mainly being that groceries are just getting more and more expensive all the time.

Gas: Budgeted $1000, spent $749.24. I'm really happy with this and I think a lot of this success can be attributed to gas prices decreasing toward the end of the year, making better decisions when going out to run errands and walking and riding my bike for short trips to the store. Of course the fact that I only have a 12 mile round trip commute to work helps out a lot too!

Electricity: Budgeted $600, spent $276.57. This is due mainly by throwing a blanket on when I am cold, reading instead of watching TV and making an earnest effort to watch the amount of electricity used. Turning off lights when not needed, hanging clothes to dry, etc.

Condo dues: Budgeted $2400, spent $576.03. This is only because I didn't have to start paying dues until October, this year the amount will be dead on.

All other categories were pretty close on as well, nothing was extremely over budget and nothing was way under budget (darn it!).

I have added $9273.33 to my savings account and am getting closer and closer to my goal of having the $20,000 needed to pay my parents back in full for the loan to help me with the down payment on my condo.

As for 2009 goals, they are as follows:

* Add the full contribution to my Roth IRA
* Increase net worth to $90,000
* Increase retirement savings to $17,500
* Pay off loan in full to my parents by Dec. 2009

I haven't fully decided what my budget will look like this year, but I think I will wait until January is over and see how it goes, then take a more serious look at the numbers.

I am going to work again on taking advantage of survey earnings and this year instead of adding them to my savings instead of just depositing them into my checking account and spending it with all other money. I think this will help to see that savings account really grow too.

I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2009!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the great year!! So glad you are back to blogging. Missed reading about your activities!!!

Budgets are Sexy said...

220?!! Wow, i seriously can't believe it! that's impressive :) Here's to another beautiful year!!! It's on like WOAH baby!

Escape Brooklyn said...

"New beau"??? You must share details! Even if this is a PF blog... ;)

And wow, that's an impressive survey income!

Sense said...

How on earth do you eat for only $100 a month? Can you share your secrets? (i live in NZ, so most won't work for me, but I'd bet others are interested!)

and yes, more deets on the beau. where did you meet the handsome young man?

indebt said...

Great hydro bill! And fantastic grocery bill!

Broke Bettie said...

Congratulations on all of your wonderful accomplishments - I am so inspired!

paisley penguin said...

Good job on your goals and do indeed share about new Beau! I too am glad for the snow to be gone. Even if there is still a pile blocking one of our driveways at our condo.

A+ Financials said...

220 days?? That's awesome! Good Luck with your 2009 goals!!