Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Feeling overwhelmed...

I'm not sure why, but I have this overwhelming anxiety about my finances right now. I'm sure it's probably related to the market doing so poorly and every day watching more and more of my retirement accounts dwindle. I understand that now is actually a great time to buy, but it's so hard to wrap the emotional side of my brain around it. Next week I will be getting the 2007 match from my employer and am wondering what I should do with it. Any suggestions?

In the meantime, I am doing everything I can to tighten the belt and reign in the spending as much as possible. I'm working on eating through the food that I already have and only buying fresh, perishable items, or things that are the REALLY great bargains that the stores use to lure you in. I'm good about only buying what is on my list when at the store, so it doesn't scare me that I might overspend by shopping, so I'm good with that. I have had 9 no spend days so far this month, and that's even with me being out of town on vacation for 5 days. Not bad! I am hoping for 20 days total and I am fairly confident that I will make it.

I am getting a lot of extra income from surveys as usual. :) yeah! So far this month I have received $98 from them and am contemplating doing a few mystery shopping trips too. This might help me get going on my Christmas shopping. I have done really well on getting most of what I need so far for stockings, but haven't delved much into the actual gift buying. Thankfully there will only be 6 gifts total that I need to buy, so it won't be too bad. Is anyone else getting their shopping started??

Anyone else feeling overwhelmed by the state of their finances??? I look forward to hearing what you have to say....


paisley penguin said...

Tell me about it. I'm trying all ways possible to not spend money on anything I don't need. Eating from my cabinets, selling stuff on Craigslist and doing online offers and surveys.

Andrew said...

Hi Change can be a good thing,

I'm emailing you in regards to an email I sent to you last month about a partnership, have you had a chance to think about it?

If you would more information about the proposal, please let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,
Andrew Knight.
Website Manager
Banking & Finance Division
Asia-Pacific Region (Australia) Pty Ltd

SimplicityInKansas said...

I too have been feeling concerned yet knowing your frugal habits and preparation for the future, take solace in the fact you are prepared better than most Americans! Keep up the great work and do not be discouraged as over the long term, your habits and perspectives will achieve success.

aboutimage said...

I'm always feeling overwhelmed with finances, bills, debt...and work! You always seem to do well and keep to your goals.