Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Back from vacation...

and a little lighter in the wallet!! Oh well, isn't that what vacation is for? I don't like to go too crazy spending money while on vacation, but at the same time, when I am on vacation I like to spend a little more freely. I had a great time and all in all, it was fairly inexpensive. My friend and I drove to Sedona one day and had a wonderful time. She had to work part of the time while I was there, so one day I stayed at her house and just relaxed and zoned out. :) Another day I went to the mall for a few hours and here is where I got into trouble! As I said earlier, I have recently lost weight and now none of my clothes fit, more specifically my pants. So I had decided that it was OK for me to spend some money on some new clothes. Wouldn't you know it? I found everything but pants! I came home with a pair of boots, a pair of shoes, a purse, 3 tops and a sweater!! Although I shouldn't really complain, I spent less than $250 for all of that, so it's pretty good! And I just received a retro paycheck from my raise, so I think it's OK to spoil myself a little bit. Hope everyone had a great weekend too!

Now, I have to get back to doing some more surveys to earn the money that I just spent! HA!

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Budgets are Sexy said...

woohoo - welcome back! and that retro $ sounds hot.