Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September wrap up....

WOW! What a great month September has been!!!

Groceries: $106.33 ($6.33over budget! Oh well, a girl has to eat!)

Gas: $65.00 (yeah! $15 UNDER Budget!!)

Dining out: $42.85 (even better than last month)

Entertainment: $-10.00 (sold a ticket to something I had previously purchased, so this offset my entertainment spending this month)

Gifts: Nothing!

Clothing: $86.56 (but I got 2 new pair of jeans, a bra, and 7 pair of panties)

I earned $191!!! from surveys! And $199 from the garage sale!! Wahoo!!

I also added $580 to my savings account! Not as good as I had hoped, but not too bad either!

I had my 7 year review at work and received a decent raise and the promise that next year the review wouldn't be 13 weeks late!

Gotta run for now, but I will write up my October goals tomorrow morning! Have a great night everyone....


LP said...

Nice job on the grocery spending! And congrats on all that extra income; that's really awesome.

SavingDiva said...

Congrats on the awesome job this month! And congrats on the raise! :)

Daizy said...

Wow, what a great job. And panties are always a good buy...then you can do laundry less often :)

indebt said...

Wow, congrat's on such a great month

The Executioner said...

Well done!

Grace. said...

$65 a month for gas????

I am SOOO jealous. My gas budget is $80 twice a month, and I'm lucky if I stay within it!

Good work, and a great month for you.