Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The garage sale went really well

Day 2 of the garage sale was almost as good as Day 1. I earned another $79 on Saturday. Grand total for the garage sale earnings for me was $199! I'm quite happy with that! My parents also got rid of quite a bit of stuff, as did my brother. What didn't sell was boxed up, labeled garage sale and put away until the spring when we try it again. My parents have SO much stuff to go through that I'm sure they will have enough stuff for several more garage sales! This will also give me the opportunity to go through my stuff more thoroughly and hopefully have more things to sell next time.

Not much else to report from here, things have been relatively quiet, which is of course a good thing! This week isn't looking like too big a spending week for me. Yeah!

Happy day all!


LP said...

Nice little windfall!

Jerry said...

Good for you. Every little bit of change leads to more change, right??! We had a couple of garage sales this summer and also made a good chunk of change. We put the money away and it was our little insurance money for a big trip we were planning.


Anonymous said...

No need to wait until the next Garage sale. You can create a free online garage sale home page and start posting your items as you set them aside. Each Garage has it's own web page and so does each item in your garage or yard sale. All these pages are indexed by google for the world to find!

Good Luck

Canadian Saver said...

That is a really good amount for stuff you no longer need :-)

Yoland said...

Good for people to know.