Monday, August 25, 2008

Upcoming review at work

I have been at my job 7 years and 2 months today! The interesting thing about this is that I came to work here for only a week, just filling in for someone's vacation. I always joke that I must have done something right that first week! ;) As my 7 year anniversary was 2 months ago, I am 2 months late in having my annual review. I will be very curious to find out if my annual raise will be paid retroactively or if they will give me a bonus as they have done in the past when my review has been overdue. I have never asked for a raise, at any job I have held and when the raise has been offered, I have never tried countering. I am thinking that I would like to do that this time, but I don't even know how to go about it. Any suggestions? This past year has been a very trying one for our company. I feel that I am a very responsible and dependable employee and because of that sometimes I am taken for granted. I work for a very small company, one in which whenever someone is out, all work will fall to whomever is in the office to handle, regardless of whether it is your responsibility or not. A very close co-worker was out for a month when her father passed away and during that time, I really stepped up and took on many responsibilities that are not mine. I also worked an immense amount of overtime, however, being a salaried employee, I didn't benefit financially from it. I was just e-mailed my portion of my review to fill out, I will turn that in and wait for my supervisor to fill his section out and wait for our meeting. I really don't like review time, I mean, I know I am doing a good job and they don't have any complaints about me, but I always stress out about it anyway. Any suggestions you might I have to help eliminate this anxiety, I would really appreciate! Thanks!


Sense said...

Just ask, in a nice and polite way, and preface it with all the facts you laid out here: "I've been stepping in for a lot of people's work, and working alot of overtime lately. Is there any way to increase my raise this year to reflect my hard work?"

Or end it with, "A raise to $X, instead, would show me that XYZ corporation recognizes and appreciates my hard work."

In the first situation, you leave it up to them to come up with a better figure (I always do better in these situations than when I ask for a certain amount--but you should be the judge of whether this is likely in your company.)

In the second, you have a goal salary, and you are semi-challenging them to come up with it. It may be worthwhile to up the figure by a few thousand so that when they counter with a lower figure, you actually get what you want!

I think people in the workplace actually respect you MORE when you ask for more in terms of raises, etc. this may solve some of the 'taken for granted' issues you have been having.

I certainly respect myself more when I haggle and negotiate a little!

Sharon said...

Isn't it funny how hard it is to value ourselves? One of the problems you may face this year is the economic slow down. I know my office is slow and my husband's office is really slow. His office gave out 2% raises across the board and are holding off bonuses until next year.

You should think about what exactly you would like first, i.e. 5%, 6%, etc. If your employer doesn't come close, then I would suggest you ask for the difference based on your performance for the year.

Have your employer make the first move...because if you say you want 5% and they were planning on giving you could be a problem! :)

Good luck! I hope it goes well!

Escape Brooklyn said...

It sounds like you already have several concrete examples of how you've gone above and beyond, so those will definitely be helpful. I agree with Sharon about your employer naming a figure first. Good luck!