Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This staycation thing is really great...

I am really enjoying my staycation. I have been doing a whole lot of nothing and it has been fantastic!! I've been to the pool everyday for a couple of hours, been out walking every evening and have managed to really, really relax! The weather has been phenomenal too! I'm sure some people would think my time off is somewhat boring, but I am thoroughly enjoying it. I did go to the eye dr. this morning and all was well there, still no need for glasses, yeah!! I've done a little shopping and have had a chance to catch up with several friends.

I have logged in to my work e-mail and taken care of a few things. My only reason for doing this is because the few minutes it takes me to care of a few things now, will make it so much easier when I return to work next Monday.

I've even managed to have 2 no spend days already! Still it's going to be tough to reach my goal of 20 no spend days for the month, but I love a good challenge! I've already figured out who I am going to put away the $800 into my savings this month, so that's great! It looks like I will be adding at least $850!! Maybe even $900!!

I hope you are all having a really great week!


Anonymous said...

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LP said...

Pool every day=heaven! Enjoy the rest of your staycation!

Matt Wixon said...


I'm a writer in Texas working on a book about staycations. It's not a heavy book, just a fun book with ideas and inspiration for people considering a staycation. I wondered if you might want to share your story. I can use your full name or just a first name. If you're interested, you can e-mail me through my profile. Thanks.

Escape Brooklyn said...

Glad you're enjoying the break! It sounds heavenly. =)

Budgets are Sexy. said...

Good work, that sounds so fun! I'm actually home sick today (sucky) but i AM enjoying the free time reading the blogs and watchin tv :)

Staycations rock!

Canadian Saver said...

That sounds like my ideal vacation!!! I do mini-versions on the weekend and it's a great way to recharge for the upcoming workweek!

Kansas Simplicity said...

Like this!! Makes a lot of sense and I guess in a way when I go home to the farm it is like a staycation...sort of yet provoking concept. Thanks for sharing.