Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I just earned a $25 gift card from....

Regence Blue Shield, my medical insurance company. They have a really great program on their website full of useful information and programs you can participate in to better your health. And we all know better health is a frugalites best friend! The money you can save by being healthy is amazing! Funny that I would earn this gift card today, the day I am going to the Dr. for my annual physical! :) Anyway, on the website for Regence www.myregence.com you can set up your account and view all of your past medical claims as well as keep a register of all medications you are taking. Keep a full review of any health issues you have had and participate in all kinds of programs, read great news articles, research health topics and so much more. For doing all of these things you can earn points, points you can then turn in for a $25 gift card to one of MANY retailers in your area. I'm really looking forward to receiving my $25 gift card to Bath and Body Works and will splurge on some fun stuff for myself. Fun!! I'm not sure if other insurance company's do this, but it might be worth checking it out. Who doesn't love a free gift card?!


Twiggers said...

That's kind of a neat idea to encourage people to be more active in their health care!

Jerry said...

A free gift card from your insurance company? How can beat that?? I hope this trends lead to other insurance companies doing the same thing. They're very smart to promote health, right??