Friday, July 25, 2008

This weekend is looking to be another fairly relaxing and mellow one. I am going to participate all 3 days in the survey that will earn me $125. A friend is coming over and we are going to the open air market in town and will probably grab a coffee. (I have a gift card) Sunday will be another day of chores and laundry probably. I got a call from the library that some books I had ordered are in, so I'll pick those up tonight on my way home today.

I was invited to go water-skiing for the weekend with some friends and I seriously considering it. My friends are leaving today and going to be gone all next week on their vacation. They had asked if I wanted to join them Friday-Sunday. I know it would a lot of fun, but it's a 4 hour drive each way and then camping for 2 nights. I decided that I didn't want to drive that far for only 2 nights, plus most of the first day would be setting everything up. So, I opted to stay home and save the money. Maybe next year we can plan it so that I can go for a longer time. Besides, the weather forecast doesn't look that great for the weekend and that would really tick me off if I drove that far and then had crummy weather.

And I must wash my car and vacuum it out, it is filthy! Ugh, not a chore I enjoy at all, but it must be done. So, what do you have planned for the weekend?? Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy!

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Twiggers said...

Not too much! Probably doing some more home improvement projects and cleaning. Totally boring, but hopefully a cheap weekend!