Thursday, July 31, 2008

July wrap up....

July seems to have been the fastest month yet this year! I can hardly believe we only have 5 months left of 2008!! July was a great month for me, and I hope it was for you as well.

I was able to keep to 20 no spend days for the month which pleased me very much!!

This month I was good!
  • Groceries: $84.34 ($4.34 over budget, but I am usually so far under this doesn't bother me)
  • Gas: $79.00 (yeah! $1 under budget!!)
  • Dining out: $54.42 (much better than last month)
  • Entertainment: $10.00
  • Gifts: $19.38
  • Clothing: $19.60

I earned $50.92 from surveys and freebies I received were Nivea face cream, Aveeno night cream and a year membership to Blockbuster Rewards. (my payment for the $125 focus group won't hit until next month).

I also added $3653 to my savings account. Next month I will add $700 from my paychecks and $85.44 from eBates. I am going to be on vacation Aug. 1-10, but the things I have planned should keep my spending in check, so I am anticipating another good savings month. Not as good as last month because I am not expecting big payments, but with my frugal ways, I'm sure I will be able to add another healthy chunk to boost my savings.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer, getting out and enjoying some time outdoors! I will check in periodically while I'm on vacation, but may not post much, depends on what I end up doing. Enjoy!!


Sharon said...

You had an awesome month! Great job on the no spend days...I hope to be there soon!

Bailey said...

Great job on the 20 no spend days. I like that idea.

Also congrats on all the freebies and money from surveys. I might need to start looking into that.

Enjoy the vacation.

Canadian Saver said...

You did awesome! I can't believe you spend that little on things like gas & groceries... VERY IMPRESSIVE :-)

indebt said...

WOW, 20 days no spending! Congrat's!