Thursday, June 5, 2008

Taking a vacation day

this Friday, yeah! I have too much vacation time on the books and if I don't use it up soon, I will lose it. No way I was going to let that happen, so I am taking the day off. Unfortunately it's going to be one of those days with lots of errands, which means lots of money spent! Darn it! Oh well, it must be done. I am getting my eyebrows waxed first thing, using a gift certificate for this, so that will be nice, and I have a Starbucks gift card that I will probably use to start the day. Then I am going to get my hair done, color and cut, this should cost me about $100!! Ugh! Next up is taking the car in for service, hopefully this will be $250 or less, oh well, also needs to be done. And, I must remind myself, it's cheaper to maintain a car than it is to replace one. I also have a Dr. appt later in the afternoon. Boy oh boy, doesn't this sound like a fun filled day off??

Anyway, a day off from work is never a bad thing, especially when you are still getting paid for it! :) Happy Friday!!


Jerry said...

Good for you! You need a day to semi-pamper yourself. It's insurance for your sanity. And, if you have to spend money it might as well lead to some enjoyment.


Bailey said...

Although it doesn't always sound like a fun way to spend a day, it does feel good to get all that "little" stuff done. It does add up after a while. Much better to do it on a work day, then wasting a Saturday.

Canadian Saver said...

Everything sounds good except the doctor's appointment!!

Let yourself be pampered, it's so much fun :-) Hair cuts are expensive, but worth going to a nicer place than just the walk-in salons.

Enjoy your day off!

lastAutumn said...

Vacations, day-offs or just weekends require much to spend. You can do nothing about it. Just take it for grannted.