Tuesday, April 1, 2008

March wrap up

Well, I was doing fantastically, staying under-budget in SO many categories for March, right up until the very end. Last weekend shot the budget all to, well you know!

I went over my grocery budget by $16.03!

Gas budget was also over by $.01, darn nozzle!!!

Electricity was over by $19.76, which I guess isn't too bad, it was only $69.76 for 2 months!!!!

I had to pay an extra $570 for my property taxes too!!

And my savings was under by $55!!!

On the positive side of things, I had 20 No Spend Days! And I only spent $28.66 eating out for the month. I also overpaid my mortgage, adding $103.61 to principal, so that helps.

I also earned $29.10 from surveys, $10 referral to my ING account and got loads of free stuff in the mail!!!

I'm hoping for a very quiet April!!!


pennypincher said...

There are some things that we just have no control over. Keep up the great work! I have just really started budgeting this past month and it is harder than I ever expected. Especially, at the end of the month when you see all the extra month in your account - I personally just want to spend it!

SavingDiva said...

It sounds like you did pretty well.

Escape Brooklyn said...

You did great! I'm always over by several hundred dollars in my monthly budget. The little stuff adds up so quickly and then it compounds month after month!

Kimberley said...

Wow you did pretty good for yourself this month! I am hoping with my spending strike during the month of April that I can achieve 30 days of unnecessary spending!

LeighAnn said...

Are you kidding?? That is the best amount in eating out I have ever seen!! You are doing great!!!!