Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April wrap up...

Wow, April went fast and I can hardly believe that tomorrow is May Day!! April was by far the smallest spending month I have had in ages. I can't believe how little I spent and yet I didn't feel like I was living so frugally. I had a great month.

Groceries: $51.08
Gas: $55.00
Dining out: $23.97
Entertainment: Nothing!!
Donation: $50.00
Gifts: $40.83
Clothing: Nada!!

And to top it all off, I had 25 glorius No Spend Days!!

I also earned $32.60 from surveys and I found a bag of change while out walking that had over $60 in quarters! That was crazy! I have found lots of money while out walking, usually just small change on the ground, but this was a big find!

Next month is looking to be a little tight again, as I am working really hard to get the money together to pay off my parents ASAP, but I also have some extra money coming in from eBates and a gift card from Office Depot Worklife Rewards that will be almost $150. I can use that to buy other gift cards, like Visa that I can use for everyday expenses.

I will be watching my niece and nephew for 4 days the first weekend of May and will be staying at their house. And I will be getting paid from my brother for it. Normally I would not let them pay me, but they are insisting as it is for several days. OK, I'll let them. :)

I won't be getting my economic stimulus check until July, but when that comes, it will be going straight in to my Roth IRA. While I am working to get the money to pay my parents back, I will still be fully funding my Roth. That is non-negotiable!! I should be able to pay them another $4200 before the end of the year. Yeah!

So, I hope everyone had a great April and with all the showers we had here, we should be seeing some beautiful May flowers.....


budgets are sexy said...

Holy shite! That's a nice wad of money finding you found there - daaaaaang :)

and good for you on donations, i'm impressed.

SavingDiva said...

I'm glad to hear that you're really dedicated to eradicating your debt. Good luck!

lpkitten said...

wow, what good luck! nice work keeping your budget down. you are super focused!

Sharon said...

WOW!!!! Only $52 on groceries???? How'd ya do it? Good for you!!!

Escape Brooklyn said...

Holy cow! What a great month! I need to take a lesson from you about these "no spend" days.

sfordinarygirl said...

What'd you eat for $52 dollars???

Fabulously Broke said...

I LOVE free and found money :D