Thursday, March 20, 2008

Welcome spring...

I can hardly believe it is the first day of spring already. That may be partly due to the fact that it is 38* outside as I write, but it also seems like it was just Christmas! Where does the time go?? Yesterday after work it was a beautiful evening and I was fortunate enough to go walking with a good friend. This friend was of the four legged variety and he was so excited to see me, what a warm, excited welcome he gave me. His owner, my friend's mom, was sick with the flu and had been down for about a week now. Her poor dog, Charlie, hadn't gone out on a "real" walk in almost a week. So, I went by her house, picked him up and off we went walking for about 90 minutes!! What a lovely way to spend time. :) We walked all over town, down to the waterfront, back up several hills, then back down, and up again. Ooh, my muscles are killing me today, but it's that good kind of muscle ache that tells you that you did something good for yourself. Maybe it will get my lazy butt out there more often, I really enjoyed the evening and I slept great!

Along with the first day of spring, I noticed the daffodils coming up in the gardens here at the office and it looks like we should have tulips any day now too, or maybe it will be a few weeks for those, but I don't care, each are signs of spring and warmer weather to come. Yeah!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic first day of spring. :)

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Sense to Dollars said...

puppies! I celebrate puppies of all shapes and sizes. they are usually just so happy all the time! instant mood lifter.